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Teaching and Preaching the Good News of Christ in every corner of Africa

Tim and Michelle Eby have served as commissioned missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene for 22 years in Africa. Tim grew up on the mission field in Papua New Guinea with his parents Lee and Carol Ann Eby.  Michelle is also a missionary kid from Beirut, Lebanon where her parents Larry and Sharon Buess served with the church of the Nazarene. Tim has a B.S. in Aviation Technology, his commercial pilot licenses, and began his career as a commercial pilot in Atlanta, Georgia.  

In August of 1997, they were assigned as Nazarene missionaries to the Africa East Field to open the work for Nazarene Mission Aviation as a missionary pilot.

The Ebys returned to the USA in 2003, where Tim completed his course of study, received a Master’s in Christian Education, and was ordained as a minister in April of 2006. They returned to Africa in November 2006. Tim worked in leadership development and church planting in the country of Senegal and across the Africa West Field for the next 11 years, and Michelle served as the field treasurer.  They moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in January 2018 where Tim is now serving as the Africa Regional Jesus Film and Evangelism Coordinator.  Michelle is serving on the finance team for the Africa Region.

They have 4 children, 4 grandchildren, and call Nashville, TN their home.  God continues to work through the ministry of Tim and Michelle as they serve Him on the mission field.  Their passion is to see the development of national leaders who will lead the church in Africa to maturity and significance. Their positions require much travel and great wisdom as they develop tools of evangelism and discipleship that are effective for the African context. Please pray that God will give them strength, wisdom, and safety as they teach and preach the Good News of Christ in every corner of Africa.

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Timothy and Michelle Eby

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Organized in 1908, the denomination is now home to about 2.5 million members worshipping in more than 30,000 congregations in 164 world areas.