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Sam and Kristi Senica both grew up attending Crossbridge Community Church of the Nazarene in North Central Illinois, where they met in youth group and were married in November of 2006. Sam has a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, and Kristi has a Bachelor’s degree in Religion/Cultural Engagement. They are both currently attending Olivet online. Sam’s degree will be a Masters in Missional Multiplication and Kristi’s will be a Masters in Urban Ministry.

Both felt called to serve in missions and have served through various Work and Witness trips domestically and internationally. Together they have led teams to Antigua and the Dominican Republic. These experiences and the influence of the people who have been a part of these trips with them affirmed their desire to serve and their call to take the next step of becoming full-time sponsored missionaries.

In 2018, when their pastor asked them to oversee a new partnership between their church and missionaries in the Dominican Republic, Sam and Kristi were excited at the thought of being able to continue to serve in missions through this role. At that time, they did not foresee what God was up to, but as the partnership progressed, God raised up an increasing desire within them, and they realized that He was calling them into missions full-time! They had never considered becoming full-time missionaries before this but were open to taking steps to learn more about it, even if it meant some tough, life-altering decisions.

In May 2021, Sam and Kristi, along with their four kids, Tyler, Madilyn, Owen, and Edith arrived in the Dominican Republic. God blessed them with a surprise baby, Elsie, who was born in the Dominican Republic in August 2022. The Senicas served in the Dominican Republic until August 2023 when they were called to the USA/Canada Region to bring leadership to the Bless Our Community initiative. 

The Senicas are based out of Oklahoma City where they are enjoying getting to know their new community and how they can live as a blessing no matter where they are. They are excited to support and resource churches, pastors, and district superintendents throughout the region as we all live out the call to go and make disciples. 

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Sam and Kristi Senica

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