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Angelina has a burden and passion for street children who are often overlooked, unloved, and unwanted. She believes that God has asked her to care for these invisible kids, the ones whom others don’t seem to notice. This calling led her to begin serving in Cambodia in 2019. While there, her eyes were opened to other forgotten ones – the abused, the trafficked, the disabled, the illiterate, the destitute, and others who have been made to feel worthless in the eyes of society. While her first passion is still for street children, it is her hope and prayer that all those who have been neglected and forgotten by others would come to experience God’s deep, redeeming love for them and that they would find their dignity restored in the knowledge that they have been created in his image.

Angelina moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand in July 2021 where she currently serves as a sponsored missionary. She teaches at the School of Promise, a Christian school and ministry which seeks to provide a quality education while also teaching the Bible to students who would likely never hear the gospel anywhere else. Though the school attracts students from a variety of backgrounds, one of its main objectives is to recruit children who are considered to be at high risk for being trafficked or suffering from other poverty-related hardships and change the course of their life by giving them the opportunity to study and learn about God.

Angelina grew up on the Mid-Atlantic District and has been a Nazarene since birth. She graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a degree in History and earned a graduate certificate in Intercultural Studies from Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. Prior to serving in Southeast Asia, she taught English to elementary, middle school, and adult students for 8 years in South Korea, where she received a TESOL certificate from Korea Nazarene University.



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