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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight”. Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

The Chagualas are missionaries on global assignment, originally from Mozambique and currently serving on the Africa region in their country of origin. Admirado and Celeste Chaguala served as local pastors in two churches in Matola and Boane districts. The journey as lead pastors was an excellent place to learn the real ministerial dynamics.

Admirado served in Mozambique in various ministry roles and led several NCM projects where he established 10 child development centers, coordinated WASH and nutrition program, JFM and in leadership development and district resourcing. One of the outstanding projects in Mozambique that he is currently leading up to date is the construction of leadership and pastoral training center in the northern region of Mozambique, a multipurpose building that will serve as resource center for leadership development programs that will serve more than 1,000 lay pastors and leaders by providing them formal education, vocational training, literacy and much more. Admirado strives in developing a generation of Christ-centered leaders that will impact lives of believers in the communities of which the church serves.

Celeste served as typist of TEE (Training extension education) program, secretary at Seminário Nazareno em Moçambique (Bible College) and literature coordinator for Lusophone field (Portuguese speaking countries in Africa) and she was engaged in developing resources for extension education program in Mozambique and for discipleship ministry in the country. She currently serves as SDMI coordinator for Africa Region. Her passion is to see an integral and intentional discipleship happening in the grass roots with more focus on children so that they grow as Christ followers.

One key project that Celeste is leading is the translation and adaptation of Sunday school books into oral method in the main mother languages on the Africa region in order to also disciple those who can’t read and write. Celeste’s personal motivation is to learn more of God, to grow spiritually and being obedient to His call until the end her days. Celeste is pursuing with her Master in pastoral ministries at Northwest Nazarene university in USA.

Admirado is an ordained minister in the COTN and currently serves as the country mission coordinator for Mozambique and administrative assistant to the Regional Director for Africa region, and is passionate about; Leadership development and strategies, establishing networking for ministry reinforcement and district resourcing and equipping. He is inspired to see leaders in Africa that are Relevant, Resilient and Ready to embrace the future with confidence and grace and his personal life’s motivation is to continue growing in the love of God, deep in knowing and obeying His will and develop an excellence ministry that will reflect and give a living testimony of a holy life.

Admirado and Celeste have two amazing children Noel in grade 11 and Shirley in grade 8. Noel loves playing instrument and is growing into a great worshiper. Shirley loves reading, baking and cooking, she cooks really delicious meals.

We invite you to join us and praying for:

  • Our family – that God will protect and keeping us healthy
  • Ministry – that God gives us wisdom, discernment and keeping us safe and cover us with His mercies as we travel for ministry
  • Celeste’s studies
  • Noel’s admission process for college in 2022



Admirado and Celeste Chaguala

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