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Hi, my name is Audrey Landers. I was called to missions at the age of 12 and received a confirmation during a work and witness trip to Dominica at age 13. Missions has become a lifestyle for me. I want to thank the churches, individuals, and organizations who have prayed and partnered with me for the work of Nazarene Missions in the Africa South Field (2018-2019) and across the Eurasia Region (2021-2022) within Leadership Development, Education, and the district of Switzerland. The Nazarene Church partners with the foundation of WEF (World Evangelism Fund) for all missions and work globally. With this foundation, we have found a need for creative responses.

After attending seminary at NTS, pastoring, and being involved with missions locally and globally, the Lord has called me to the Eurasia Region alongside the work in Switzerland. The beauty of this calling is dual purpose. Alongside the Education Coordinator for the Eurasia Region, we have partnered with a team of people to implement a leadership development program of Christian coaching, bringing a discipleship and sanctification tool to many leaders. When leaders are encouraged and truly supported, edified dreams in God's Kingdom begin to come alive! In coming alongside leaders, we find it is out of the being that the doing is fulfilling. I am heavily involved in developing this Christian coaching program on the Eurasia Region.

Much excitement can be found throughout the Eurasia Region in the Education department, from reopening a learning center in Cyprus for ministry in the Middle East to creative ministry opportunities across the Region and Switzerland. The work in Cyprus will open doors beyond our understanding of surrounding areas. These are exciting days in the Kingdom, and we are encouraged by how the Lord continues to provide.

Relational ministry and holistic holiness are also moving in Eurasia, accelerated through our Christian coaching training. It begins with the participant's own experience and encouragement; then becomes an equipping tool for holistic journeying and sanctification with others. This impact includes yet is not limited to school leadership, pastoral/ lay training, district leadership, and areas of discipleship and empowerment across the Region. Each field breathes into whom we are becoming and how this Christian coaching looks. Meaning multiple languages, ages, and leaders are already a part of this development. Would you consider joining alongside me as the Church grows in genuine holy relationships with God and one another?

Partnering in the work God is doing here also touches the district of Switzerland. Doors are open through the Church of the Nazarene for women in ministry and freedom from captivity and distractions in life that draw people away from Jesus. I disciple a few rising women leaders, with Holistic Hoiness as the foundation of how we are restarting the work and living out the Christian community in Switzerland.

For clarity of what I do, here is a quote from the Eurasia Regional Education Coordinator:

Through her serving in Eurasia last year, Audrey has become a vital part of our Eurasia Christian Coaching program, overseeing the administration and helping as trainer, coach, and mentor coach. She also assists in other areas like education administration and discipling young women leaders of our region.

 Contact: aulanders@

*Audrey is currently in the USA on deputation if you are interested in having her visit or share please contact her.



Audrey Landers

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