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In November of 2016, Andrew and Hayley accepted their first assignment to work as Global Missionaries with Global Missions of the Church of the Nazarene. Our first missionary assignment took us to El Paso, Texas, living 1 mile from the US/Mexico border. From there we helped support the Nazarene Border Initiative, and we also helped to build a fabric of care for the teenage and young adult children of Nazarene missionaries around the globe through events like Rendezvous. Our time in El Paso has been cherished, but now we are looking into the future with anticipation of our next assignment in Poznan, Poland.

In Poznan, we will partner with university students, with young families through school, with young professionals in the Sweet Surrender Coffee Shop, and with fellow missionaries, our old friends, the Sunbergs. We are excited about this opportunity because we feel that we have been created to partner with young adults as they figure out who they are and what the Kingdom of God offers their local context.

Our role will primarily focus around 3 key parts:
1) Building community in Poznan,
2) Development of youth leadership for the Central Europe Field (an area including 10 countries/8 districts of the Church of the Nazarene)
3) Communicate about the ministry and impact of the Church across the field.

In order to serve well, we will invest in the community, build genuine friendships, and walk alongside local leaders. Learning Polish will become a top priority as speaking the local language will further allow us to develop relationships, presence, and vision.

Please pray for us; for work visas, for our fundraising efforts, for ending things well in El Paso and starting things well in Poznan.

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